Hosting for Dead Sites

Hosting for 300, 400 & 500 Responses

Redirect, Remove & Errors


Want a domain to be "removed" from the Internet?

Using HostDead respond with either 410 or 404 responses.

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Perhaps you moved from to Or moving from to We send 301 or 302 responses, with rewriting!

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The configuration is super easy, simply update your DNS entires to point here.

  1. Configure the Host
  2. Configure the Page redirects, as necessary
  3. Enable Logging or Mail services
  4. Configure DNS to point to (use CNAME)

Testing the Configuration

curl \
	--header 'Host:' \
	--verbose \

500 Level Server Errors


Ok and some times you just need to get server level error response. Using HostDead you can get 500 or 503 level responses.

curl \
	--header 'Host:' \
	--verbose \{css,js,html,json}